Reunion 2021 highlights:


faculty 2019

It is difficult to overstate the influence our faculty have within our Seminary community. As you likely can attest, they are the reason why students choose to be formed and transformed here, and they are frequently the subject of stories alumni share when asked to describe meaningful experiences here. After all, the mission of Princeton Seminary is to prepare people for ministry, and we can’t fulfill that mission without them. Likewise, the purpose of alumni engagement is to support people like you in your calls, and we can’t adequately pursue that purpose without their scholarship and support.

That is why you will have many opportunities to connect with our faculty during your Reunion. Whether they make a special guest appearance at your class happy hour or affinity group gathering or you get to know faculty members during “This Is My Story,” we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to reconnect with beloved professors and meet the newest members of our Princeton Seminary family.

Another unique element of Reunion 2021 experience will be the opportunity to connect with alumni involved in similar student groups while on campus. We hope you will join us and encourage your friends to do the same.

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