Ryan J. Landino

ryan Landino

Rev. Ryan Landino, MDiv/MACEF ‘10, is the lead presbyter for transformation of Great Rivers Presbytery PC(USA) in western and central Illinois, where he previously served as pastor and presbytery moderator. He earned a dual degree as Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Christian Education. Before becoming a mid-council leader, he served nearly a decade in small church settings, a majority of that time with immigrant congregations in New Jersey: as director of English ministry of a Taiwanese-American community and as pastor to a Slovak ethnic church.

Landino was a commissioner to the 221st General Assembly in Detroit and the 223rd General Assembly in St. Louis, where he served as vice moderator of the Bills and Overtures Assembly Committee. He is currently a member of the PC(USA) Special Committee on Racism Truth and Reconciliation, on which he has been invited to speak about often as guest speaker to other presbyteries. He also manages the blog site “Sixty Second Preacher” and the Facebook page “Pastor Ryan’s Sixty Second Sermons,” a model of short videos of creative explications of the life of faith that tend to use editing, staging, and humor, frequently made in collaboration with the PC(USA) Office of Special Offerings in support of their ministry. A Pennsylvania native with his spouse Danielle, they reside in northwestern Illinois with their two dogs.

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